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As a little girl Chantall already stood on stage – with the dream that many little girls have: a trapeze show.

At the age of 14 she began her training at the Berlin School for Acrobatic Arts and graduated 4 years later with a contortion performance. As a contortion artist she worked for Gala-, Circus-, Exhibition- and Vaudeville-Events.

At the same time she worked together with moderators and comedians, first as assistance, later then as co-moderator. Following these experiences in 2001 Chantall presented her first self-organized and –moderated show »Chantalls Bettgeflüster (pillow talk)« at the Luna Varieté. Since then moderation and comedy combined with singing and dancing became more and more important in her artistic being.

Today she still has some spectacular elements of contortion in her shows and connects them very well with her moderation, comedy and above all: her audience.