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Ruhr-Nachrichten, November 2008

»…Highlight was Chantall from Berlin. Wicked, witty, warm and motherly she joked through the evening and presented not just artists. No one can be certain to be safe, not even the audience… After the hands were
washed properly, we went to dough and cookie cutters, while the “Berlin-Unique” cheerfully told a story about a hired santa clause. The fact that he would drop his pants to the music of “Jingle Bells” right before the eyes of her 83-year old Granny, was something that really couldn’t been foreseen.«

Bensheim, September 2008

»…Chantall is the coquettish Berliner, who not only constantly kneads her cleavage, but also loves to approach to gentlemen sitting close to the stage. And that on the highest heels. But because you couldn’t even think of an escape in the fully packed Pegasus-Theatre anyway, the victims are more than happy to provide themselves to the unpredictable lady. She chants á la Marlene and sings »All that Jazz« in a way, that makes the vaudeville get hot under its roof.«